"Mindfulness is paying attention to our present moment experiences with openness, curiosity, and a willingness to be with that experience. Mindfulness can be practiced by people of any age. Research shows that children can benefit from mindfulness in that it can help improve attention, teach emotional regulation skills, cultivate positive emotions such as self kindness, and reduce stress. It is also connected to improved learning outcomes in schools. Little Renegades, with its whimsical illustrations and playful exercises, is a wonderful approach to mindfulness for the youngest children. Highly recommended!"

Diana Winston
Director of Mindfulness Education, UCLA's Mindful Awareness Research Center 
Author of The Little Book of Being

"Given that anxiety and mental health issues are on the rise in the United States, every child would benefit from learning ways to independently and internally cope with stress and anxiety. Mindfulness has been shown to reduce anxiety and emotional reactivity in children as well as improve attention and self-control. These techniques are especially impactful in children because their brains and body are still developing. In fact, neuroscience research has shown actual structural changes in the areas of the brain associated with self-regulation and resiliency after mindfulness training. You have the power to equip your child with a tool that can help them effectively navigate stressors across their lifespan.  I have used the Little Renegades cards both professionally and personally to introduce mindfulness to my patients as well as my own daughters. In today’s fast-paced society, things can easily feel out of control. Beautifully illustrated and simple to use, Little Renegade's guided meditation exercises provides children a sense of control and inner calm."  

Jaime D. Crowley, PhD
Licensed Psychologist
Author of Moose the Worry Mutt

"What a gentle, beautiful way to help enlighten the minds of little ones and their self awareness. They learn calming body techniques, confidence, and the sense of comfort. While engaging in these activities, they have so much fun! It is all about early intervention. This is and will continue to be an excellent teaching tool in my classroom for years to come."

Trisha Hollerup
Pre-School Teacher | St. James Preschool

"The Little Renegade cards are so beautifully illustrated, they inpired me to build a Kindness Book Box around the product. It is the perfect activity to go beyond the book to get early learners moving with intention."
Danielle Cohn
Owner & Creator of Storybook Tree

"I use these cards to help children who have been abused or experienced the loss of a family member. They have helped put something tangible to mindfulness and calming, concepts that are very abstract for the mind of a child. I recently used them before leading a family on an Adventure Therapy Hike. Each family member picked a card and we practiced it together. One that was chosen was the storm. On our way down from the hike one of the children was tired and struggling. Another child called her to remember the card and they said it together. Within the same activity they could conceptualize how to use it, and did. It was beautiful." 

Heather Shealy-Mawhirter
Grief Counselor

"The Mindful Kids Cards are a perfect tool to help incorporate mindfulness practices into our daily lives. With inviting prompts and clear instructions, we can easily pull out a card and include a simple mindfulness activity into our morning or bedtime routine for our 4 and 6 year old. In truth, while the cards are designed for kids, the entire family benefits from the variety of stillness, awareness, breathing, and movement exercises included!"

Sarah Street
Founder & Creator of The Silvan Reverie
Nature Based Education